Latest Endorsements for I-732

I wanted to take a moment to alert you about two major Republican endorsements that landed today in favor of I-732. These great leaders join our fantastic and extensive bipartisan list of legislators already supporting I-732.

Slade Gorton (R) – Former U.S. Senator and former Washington Attorney General
“We have a responsibility to our children and their children to tackle climate change now as every year we wait, the costs to mitigate impact of climate change go up, and the costs to solve the problem begin to go out of reach. Passing I-732 is an opportunity for the voters of our state to show the other Washington the way to a bipartisan solution for climate change.”

Rob McKenna (R) – Former Washington Attorney General
“Any ballot measure that the Sierra Club despises is worth considering. Conservatives who want to reduce carbon emissions know that a revenue-neutral approach that raises the cost of carbon use but lowers other taxes is the only sensible way to go. The left opposes it because raising gobs of new state tax revenue is their Holy Grail, and this measure doesn’t do that”

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