About Me

Duncan Clauson was born and raised in Wisconsin. Most recently he graduated with a Master’s of Public Administration from the Evans School at the University of Washington with a certificate in environmental management. While a graduate student Duncan chaired the the UW Campus Sustainability Fund, where his leadership helped to maintain relationships with various stakeholders across campus and his efforts led to the expansion of the Campus Sustainability Fund’s budget of 30%. Bringing the total budget to $330,000. He was also Treasurer for the Evans Student Organization (ESO) for the 2012-2013 academic year. In this role he implemented a new payment processing system which increased merchandise sales 268% in the first quarter. Furthermore, his efforts helped to lead ESO to the best silent auction fund-raiser to date.

Previously, Duncan had graduated Cum Laude with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts at the Program on the Environment at the University of Washington. Here he majored in interdisciplinary environmental studies and minored in environmental science and resource management.During his time as an undergraduate at the university Duncan engaged in two graduate level research projects evaluating corporate social responsibility and the triple bottom line. That is people, the planet and profits. In June 2010 Duncan was awarded a Sustainable Energy Fellowship and studied at Cornell with students from around the country in an intensive nine-day program.

Duncan is an innovator in the clean tech sector. He developed an idea, formed a team and competed in the University of Washington Environmental Innovation Challenge. As well he undertook research to evaluate the potential cost and energy savings of de-lamping vending machines on the University of Washington campus, among numerous other projects.